Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

No need for an appointment, just pop on by! Our artists are speedy and there’s very rarely longer than a 10 minute wait. Check out our locations page, and feel to contact us directly for our current opening hours or to find a Henna Hut at a market or event near you! As a pop up booth, our hours vary so it’s always best to check.

What is your henna paste made of?

Our henna paste is made from freshly dried henna leaves, which are crushed into powder and blended into a paste in our studio. We make the paste from scratch using lemon juice, sugar, and natural essential oils to bring out the color (Cajeput, Lavender, Tea Tree). For more info about henna tattoos, Check our our services page.

What if my tattoos doesn’t last as long as I hoped, or doesn’t show up very well?

We want you to love your tattoo! If you are unsatisfied with your body art, please come back to one of our booths or contact us and we will make sure your tattoo is looking fresh and beautiful!

Do you do black henna?

No, we do not offer black henna at The Henna Hut as it uses a harsh chemical dye to turn the henna black. We only use natural and organic henna, and natural henna is deep brown. We do offer DarkMark Body ink, a insta-dry and waterproof tattoo lasting 3-7 days. Check our our services page for more info about the body art we offer!

Do you do white henna?

Short answer: yes. Natural henna is brown and can never be white, but we do offer glitter tattoos and can do them in a silvery-white color, which is what “white henna” is. Please note these tattoos last 3-7 days on the body, but only about 1-3 days on hands as it is just an ink on the surface of the skin, not a dye like henna. Check our our services page for more info about the body art we offer!

What are your terms and conditions?

A copy of our latests terms and conditions for private events will be provided with any quotes or invoices. Contact us today for a quote for your next event!

Is The Henna Hut licensed and insured?

The Henna Hut is fully licensed and insured as a body art services and mobile retail provider. A copy of our insurance can be provided upon request for private bookings

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